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finishing the two weeks was mind blowing

OLK9 trained our 6 month old Weimaraner who was just insanely disobedient. I saw an instant change after our trainer had him for only 2 days. I was blown away at how much love our trainer showed my dog. He made him part of his family and out trainer became part of ours. He kept us updated everyday and as much as we needed. Our trainer knew how much I wanted to see that my pup was ok so he sent me a good morning picture and video every day and a good night one.

Watching my dog after finishing the two weeks was mind blowing. I never thought I would see him walk without pulling. Play without jumping or biting. Letting people pet him without biting. I never thought he would sit still! It was a complete transformation to the perfect dog. During our turnover our trainer made sure that the whole family was trained on the new commands and spent time with each of us until we felt comfortable.

He prepared us for what to expect when we got home and was still there just a call away to help us transition. Our trainer is by far the best trainer and most amazing human I’ve ever met. He will be a part of my dogs life forever.


Kerlyn M.  // Verified Google Review

I highly recommend Off Leash K9, Philadelphia

I highly recommend Off Leash K9, Philadelphia. Our trainer was an incredible trainer. From the moment we got in contact he was accommodating with scheduling the drop off of our 8 month old Female Goldendoodle, Tinkerbell (Tink). When you arrive at the location he welcomes you and makes sure to answer all of your questions and let you know what to expect. Right off the bat he bonded with Tink and made her feel comfortable.

Over the following 2 weeks, our trainer is in contact with you everyday to let you know how the progress is going and show you little videos and photos of your dog in action. Every video I was blown away by the progress my pup was making. Our trainer took Tink to his home and spent hours upon hours with her everyday training her. Then she was taken to multiple public locations to work on her commands with distractions and around people.

That in itself was incredible because Tink was pretty much wild and could never be taken in public for fear of jumping on people and yanking us around on her leash. Our trainer addressed all of the issues we had with Tink and fixed them all. In two weeks when we met at the facility for the transition, I was taught how to give the multiple commands and how to get her to heel. Our trainer made sure I was 100% comfortable giving the commands before sending us home.

After getting home, I immediately took her out the following day and I now have a well-behaved dog. I can’t thank our trainer enough for all the work he put into our family friend to give her and us a better quality of life.


Felix F.  // Verified Google Review

I cannot recommend this program enough

Our trainer is absolutely amazing, and loved my 1 1/2 year old puppy just as much as I do! I got picture updates every day, and felt totally confident with leaving my baby with her. I started my dog off with 1 on 1 lessons, and decided that wasn’t the right route for us, so we decided to do the board and train instead.

I am so happy we chose this program, and my dog is way more confident, and his behavior has improved already (he’s only been home for a day). I cannot recommend this program enough.


Cheyenne S.   // Verified Facebook Review

5⭐ rating in every way

We signed our dog Boomer up for the 2 week board and train. It was by far the best decision we could’ve made for him. Before going I stopped walking him because he would pull the entire walk and focus on everything except the walk. When friends would come over he would jump on them and took forever to calm down. He would also jump over our 4ft chain link fence.

We’ve had him back for almost 2 weeks and he is a totally different dog. I’ve taken him on 40 minute walks with no leash and he stayed by my side the entire time. We went to Lowes, Hobby Lobby, and PetSmart and he did amazing.

He still gets excited when people come over but now sits while greeting them. I can’t say enough good things about his trainer. She is amazing. We got updates every night on what Boomer learned that day and what he was doing the next. 5⭐ rating in every way.


Daniel C.  // Verified Facebook Review

Thank you Off Leash k9 Training! And trainer, you rock!

I have a female German Shepherd and she is 1 and 1/2 years. She is very sweet at home with us but not so much with strangers, and even people she sees sometimes like my neighbors. She is always very afraid of everyone and everything so she gets very aggressive.

Our trainer took her for a 2 week board and training and before that we had a 8 week aggressive training lessons. It didn’t take long for her to start to get with the program. She made great progress and came back from the board and training doing excellent! She still have a way to go to be comfortable with people she meets but, she is soooooo much better!

Thank you Off Leash k9 Training! And trainer, you rock!


Veronica S.  // Verified Google Review

you won’t regret it!

Sending my 2 1/2 year old Pitt was scary at first. I was unsure if she’d pick up new stuff being almost 3. But my trainer taught her everything from heel to place. I can finally walk around my neighborhood with other dogs on the street all thanks to Rae!

She took the time to really bound with Angel and love her like her own dog. The 2 week program is the best way to go and if your thinking about it just do it you won’t regret it! I can’t thank you enough Off Leash K9 Training.


Victoria Y.   // Verified Facebook Review

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